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Everything You Need To Know About Deliveries in Colorado & California

One of the most interesting policies of Colorado & California’s new cannabis regulations is that marijuana delivery is legal everywhere in Colorado, even in towns that have opted to ban cannabis-related businesses. This makes California the first (and only) state to legalize home delivery across all municipalities. These new rules guarantee legal protections to more than 100 state-licensed delivery companies and their customers.

Of course, despite statewide legalization of marijuana delivery services, there are definitely some things you should know before you start ordering your cannabis to be delivered. From how much you can get delivered at one time to how you know your delivery service is legal, here’s everything you need to know about how marijuana delivery works in California & Colorado.

How Much Weed Can You Get Delivered At One Time?

It depends on what you’re buying. For non-concentrated cannabis, retailers are allowed to sell a consumer up 28.5 grams. For concentrated cannabis, retailers are allowed to sell up to eight grams. For immature cannabis plants, the limit is six.

For medical marijuana purchases, retailers are not allowed to sell more than eight ounces of medicinal cannabis in the form of dried mature flowers (or the plant conversion as 12 immature cannabis plants).

This is all in regards to single day purchases. It should also be noted that California & Colorado law limits consumers to possess one ounce at a time, meaning you can only purchase more once you use it or give it away. Of course, you can’t sell your product legally as a means of “giving it away,” but you’re allowed to share.

How Do You Know If A Delivery Service Is Legal?

Weed delivery is legal everywhere within the state of California & Colorado , including in municipalities that have banned cannabis. This is because of those new rules and regulations issued by The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the Department of Food and Agriculture and the Department of Public Health. Language was included that explicitly authorized the service after several law enforcement officials in locales that have banned pot insisted they could arrest licensed drivers.

Can Someone Else Accept My Delivery?

Nope. You must be the one to receive your order. Upon delivery, your driver will ask for a valid ID to confirm your identity as well as that you are 21 years of age, the legal age of purchase and consumption of marijuana.

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